Ever wished you had access to the file
cabinets of other teachers in your school? 

Consider it done!  This site is a collection of all the activities and ideas I've collected over the past five years, available for your use.

Check back weekly for new additions and updates, and please feel free to contribute your own great ideas-this is a place for us to share, borrow and admire all those great ideas floating around out there!  Many, many more ideas will be added daily. 

Please let us know if you find a 'dead' link so we can remove it. There's nothing worse than knowing a really great resource USE to be there, and now you can't access it.

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"Knowing is not enough.  We must apply." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

My teaching philosophy, in a nutshell, is
to model, encourage and develop enthusiastic attitudes towards learning.  Sit down, write down what is important to you as teacher and then use these resources to help you apply that philosophy to the classroom!

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